Since the dawn of mankind, people have sought out ways to cope, to express and to draw inspiration from. For instrumental post-metal project ‘A Spark In The Void’ (stylized: ‘a spark in the v(*)id’), music ticks all three of those boxes. The one-man-act is carving out a sound that juxtaposes emotionally-charged guitar riffs and thrashy drums, complete with lashings of post-rock ambience and melancholy.

Based in Munich, Germany, the artist behind the project has played an array of instruments throughout his life. However, it wasn't until 2016 that it was time for him to make a musical imprint of his own. After setting up a small studio inside his home, he had completed his first collection of songs within about a year. 2018 saw the release of the debut EP ‘Constructing/In Ambivalence/A Universe’, which draws inspiration from acts like Cloudkicker and Sleepmakeswaves. The EP ‘Ever Changing, Ever Dying’, a four track affair that echoes the footsteps of bands like Deafheaven and Alcest, followed in 2019.


Latest Release

January 22nd, 2021 saw the release of A Spark In The Void’s debut full-length album. Entitled ‘The Journey’, the concept album is a sonic expedition into the realms of the self and unconscious. Tapping into themes of unease, uncertainty, abandonment, curiosity, discovering and overcoming, the album features six chapters that aim to confront listeners with choices of self-actualization. Forceful riffs and cavernous trem-picked guitars washed out with delays and reverbs reel in a certain melodrama synonymous with post-metal acts ala Russian Circles and Pelican. The album was produced and mixed by long-time collaborator Nikita Kamprad (freelance music producer and singer, guitarist and main songwriter of Der Weg einer Freiheit) and was mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker, Loma Prieta). It features Dany Kufner on drums.



"With an amazing technique and virtuosity, his melodies are very structured, full of harmonious nuances mixed with tense, vital arrangements, [...]."

"[...] involving pure euphoria and vigor, surpassed by a mastery of arrangements and resourcefulness, a masterpiece [...]."

~ Aryon Maiden (


"Ausgewogener Post-Rock mit Härte, Wucht und fragiler Melancholie."

"Sehr auffällig ist der Aspekt der dynamischen Schichtungen und emotionalen Ebenen, denn diese sind auf dem Album exponentiell ausgearbeitet, bündeln viele Gefühlswelten auf expressionistischer Weise."

~ André Schönauer (Gezeitenstrom)


"a spark in the v(*)id präsentiert sich in den sechs Kapiteln seines Konzeptalbums abwechslungsreich, vielseitig und progressiv. Die Vergleiche mit Russian Circles sind auf jeden Fall zutreffend, es liegt aber mehr als genug Eigenständigkeit vor, so dass 'The Journey' keineswegs nach einer Kopie klingt."

~ Raphael Lukas Genovese (Betreutes Proggen)


"In gut dreißig Minuten entfaltet sich hier eine vielschichtige Kulisse aus melodischen Gitarrenwänden, wuchtigen Drumparts und epischen Klangflächen."

~ Mapambulo (MPMBL.)


"Insgesamt gibt es sechs Songs zu hören, die natürlich dem Post-Rock-Genre geschuldet sehr durchdacht auf der einen Seite und sehr experimentell verschachtelt auf der anderen Seite klingen."

~ Steff Beans (Crossed Letters)